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Andrej Danko: ´Gorilla´ corruption scandal could lead to opening privatisation agreements

The SNP Programme Memorandum for general election in March 2012

Ján Slota on Dzurinda´s fiction and on the global economic collapse

Rafael Rafaj in an exclusive interview for Hungarian MTV: We are revealing naked truth

In the European Parliament Jaroslav Paška has again citicised Orbán uncompromisingly

Andrej Danko: Opinion polls have become a political weapon!

Ján Ikrényi: Minister Žitňanská has had no contribution to our judiciary

Andrej Danko : State budget deficits are killing the world economy

Rafael Rafaj on saving the Štúr Sculpture in Bratislava

Andrej Danko: Greece has become an international blackmailer

Ján Slota: Snap presidential election is a possibility

Ján Ikrényi: Žitňanská´s eye for eye policy / What is going on in justice?

Ján Slota: Eurozone bailout fund increase to €2 billion will not be enough – failing countries should be excluded!

Andrej Danko: “NO to bailout fund” – the SNP declared as the first party in Slovakia

Ján Slota on the federalization of the EU

Miroslav Jureňa on a state bonus for farmers

Štefan Zelník on mass resignation notices by doctors

Hungary´s mysterious investments to the military

Ján Slota´s appeal to Slovak political parties

Andrej Danko: Let´s speak about sanctions against countries – gamblers!

Ján Slota on “American control” of European ministers

Rafael Rafaj: Ethnic separatists would like to disrupt Slovakia!

Ján Slota: We are giving Budapest an inch and they will take a mile!

Ján Slota: Mečiar’s role in the breakup of Czecho-Slovakia? He had none.

Andrej Danko: Ministry of Interior of Slovakia should create a mechanism to resolve the citizenship issue

Ján Slota after gathering of Hungarians in Romania: We will consider the Slovak Government passivity a treason!

Andrej Danko: D Lipšic should resign for million euro compensations on salaries for judges, a lot of damage which has been done to the Republic was caused by him

Ján Slota to the Minister for Agriculture: Stop enforcing Hungarian interests at the expense of Slovak ones!

Rafael Rafaj on the Amendment to the Press Act: It does not protect citizens but publishers. Slovakia needs a complete media law

Milada Belásová: Pension deforms

Rafael Rafaj on the issue of expensive foodstuffs in Slovakia

SNS has the most efficient representative in the European Parliament and that is Jaroslav Paška

SNS hooks up with Freedom Party

Andrej Danko: The SNP stops taking part in meetings of a working group whose task is to prepare a new election code

National Council of the Slovak Republic – Rafael Rafaj: Return of Slovak cultural heritage is a complex issue, we are going to prepare a complete legislative proposal

Ján Slota: We are not going to approve ESM safety net 2 in Parliament, it is throwing money away.

Jaroslav Paška had a speech on the occasion of the end of Hungarian EU presidency. He addressed his speech to V Orbán

Ján Mikolaj: The Government is failing to manage motorway construction

Ján Slota to D. Čaplovič: Heinz-Christian Strache is a Christian politician, not an extremist!

Ján Slota reacts to the latest initiative from Hungary: Budapest has already started to stretch out its hands (trotters??) to Austria!

Ján Slota: The SNP was the first party to oppose privatization of 6 heating plants and we are pleased to get reaction from the mayors of affected towns

Ján Slota and Heinz-Christian Strache sign a memorandum about cooperation between the SNP and the FPÖ


11. 12. 1903 – V Prahe zomrel Martin Hattala, jazykovedec, profesor českej univerzity v Prahe, autor diela Krátka mluvnica slovenská, normatívnej príručky spisovnej slovenčiny.

11. 12. 1975 – V Bratislave otvorili novú výškovú budovu Slovenskej televízie v Mlynskej doline.

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