Curriculum Vitae

  • Marital status: married
  • Born: 14.9.1953 v Lietavskej Lúčke
  • Nationality: Slovak
  • Biography:Ján Slota was born 14.09.1953 in Lietavská Lúčka. He comes from the family branch of the patriot Juraj Slota, one of the founders of Matica slovenská. He comes from a family of four children, he was born as the second child. His father was a mining technician, his mother as a housewife took care of the children and their upbringing. He has a sister who is older by a year and another one who is younger by three years. His brother who was younger by five years died tragically in a mining accident. The Slota family moved depending on where the father was employed.
  • Education:He got his primary education in Lietavská Lúčka (Žilina District) in 1969. He completed his secondary school education by passing the school-leaving examination in Prievidza in 1972. He continued his studies at the Technical University, the Faculty of Mining in Košice, which he finished with success by being awarded the degree of engineer in 1977.
  • Practice:Having completed his university education, he worked as a mining technician in Banské stavby in Prievidza. In 1979, he began his one-year military service at the Mošnov Airport. Having completed his military service, he worked for a short time as a technician for Východoslovenské kameňolomy a štrkopiesky. From 1981 to 1990, he was the manager of the centre of Special Activities of the national enterprise Prefmonta Bratislava. Within the framework of the enterprise and the concern, he was several times evaluated as the best worker. He started to become involved in politics after 1989.
  • Political involvement:He belongs to the charter members of the re-established Slovak National Party (SNS). He was the chairman of the District Council, the chairman of the Regional Council, the member of the Central Council, and the chairman of the Central Council of the Slovak National Party. In 1990, he was elected deputy of the Federal Assembly for the Slovak National Party. In 1992, he was elected deputy of the Slovak National Council, in 1994 and 1998, he was elected deputy of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. He was the fourth and longest acting chairman of the Slovak National Party after its re-establishment – from February 1994 to September 1999 and the longest acting chairman of the Slovak National Party ever. He was the chairman of the PSNS in 2001-2002. On May 31, 2003, he was elected chairman of the Slovak National Party for the second time. He is the holder of the state Order of Andrej Hlinka of the First Class for his extraordinary credit in the formation of the Slovak Republic.
  • Municipal politics:Since 1990, he successfully worked as the mayor of a regional city for 16 years. He performed his office of the mayor of a regional city continually and absolutely for the longest period of time at all. In the first free municipal elections in 1990, the Žilina population elected him mayor of the city of Žilina, later he won the election successively three more times (1994, 1998, 2002). In the first election to the Higher Territorial Wholes (VÚC) in 2001, he was elected deputy of the Žilina VÚC. In the election in 2005 he was reelected again. In February 2004, Ján Slota was awarded the Cross of the President of the First Degree by the President of the Republic for his personal effort and extraordinary merits in the development of the territorial self-government and the building of the regional city of Žilina. He was the chairman of the Association of Towns and Communities – of the region of Upper Považie.
  • Family:Since November 2004, Ján Slota has been married for the third time. He has three sons, the grown-up Marek, Pavol and Ján and the little daughter Sofia. His wife Ľubomíra graduated in law.
  • Interests:Ján Slota is a dynamic sporty type. After hang-gliding (Rogallo), has acquired the licence of a pilot of smaller motor airplanes. He completed the course of amateur flying and aerobatics. He takes a fancy to automotosports, motorcycling, sports shooting, tourism, horseback riding. He is a member of the hunting union, a member of Matica slovenská, a honorary member of the Union of Anticommunist Resistance Movement, he was at the beginnings of the Association of Slovak Soldiers, he is the President of the three-time champion of SR football club MŠK Žilina and the President of the ice hockey club P-PCHZ Žilina.

11. 12. 1903 – V Prahe zomrel Martin Hattala, jazykovedec, profesor českej univerzity v Prahe, autor diela Krátka mluvnica slovenská, normatívnej príručky spisovnej slovenčiny.

11. 12. 1975 – V Bratislave otvorili novú výškovú budovu Slovenskej televízie v Mlynskej doline.

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